Kaveri : Isolated Cleft of Soft Palate DOS : 9.6.2019

Kaveri, 5 year old girl from Karimnagar faced Self-esteem issues when it came to school. Being teased about the way she talked, the child started keeping to herself. The parents who had no idea how it was affecting the child mentally everyday got to know about Cleft Palate after getting a random Educational Awareness video. After visiting the hospital they were counselled in detail about surgery and informed about the importance of Speech therapy. Post-surgery, the Parents are making sure to attend the Speech therapy sessions and the child herself has started to express more.


Bhavani Prasad : Isolated Cleft of Hard & Soft Palate DOS : 18.7.2019

Bhavani prasad a 6 year old girl from karimnagar complained of recurrent episodes of throat infections. Apart from this, child had difficulty I speech and was often bulleyed. The parents who weren’t aware always neglected the real problem. It was finally when one of our co-ordinator who conducts cleft awareness programme brought her to the hospital for surgery. Following the palate repair the child’s parents are happy and they are involved cleft awareness programmes.


Bhargav Reddy: B/L Complete cleft lip alveolus hard and soft palate. D.O.S : 30/3/2019

Bhargav Reddy who got operated for lip almost 7 months back is the second baby in their family. Because of the tradition that is prevalent in rural India the mother didn’t visit any doctors and was mainly supervised by her elders throughout the gestation period. She had no idea what a facial cleft is and that her baby was going to be born with it. When the birthday approached, the day which was supposed to be the happiest day in their life, turned out to be a sad one. It was devastating for the parents to discover the cleft lip and palate at the time of birth. Adding to their woves the mother suffered from post partum depression and hence the baby was mainly under the care of grandparents. With the difficulties in feeding and the associated malnourishment the baby had a poor general health which made them consult the pediatrician and they were referred to our hospital. Following the visit to our hospital the mother was counselled and explained about the treatment options. Now with Bhargav’s surgery the entire family is happy and both the mother and the baby has got a new life.


B/o Sakrunaik: left u/l complete cleft lip repair. D.O.S- 13/3/2019

B/o Sakrunaik 7 months old is from Karnool district of Andhra Pradesh born with cleft lip and palate. Unfortunately the parents did not have idea that it could be surgically treated until our camp coordinator identified them in a routine search and awareness camp in their area. With no proper information about the treatment they were just following the fate. The kid wasn’t accepted socially and the family was completely isolated in their neighbourhood. They were got to our hospital and were counselled about the comprehensive management following which the cleft lip surgery was performed. Now post 7 months of the surgery parents are more focused on educating everyone who came in contact with, rather than sheltering the kid at home. We are happy that our extensive patient search and awareness initiative could bring smile back.


SRITHA/ b/o Varalakshmi

Sritha from Ananthpur was born with cleft lip and her parents had not learnt about her cleft during the pregnancy. Although there were things they had to do differently, they tried very hard to treat Srita as though there was nothing different about her. Before her first corrective surgery, they proudly showed her off, took pictures and focused on educating everyone who came in contact with, rather than sheltering her at home. They found about us by an advertisement in the newspaper about cleft surgeries being carried out at GSR Hospital. Sritha is now 14 years and has undergone her cleft surgeries with a satisfied outcome. She is now studying in Std. XII and is preparing for engineering examination.



Manohar belongs to Kurnool district and was detected with facial cleft at birth. His family didn’t know how to care for his cleft, but after a social worker told them about Smile Train and the GSR hospital, they were able to provide him his life-transforming surgery. He has undergone surgeries at various point of his life. Now Manohar is 17 years old and ambitious about becoming a police officer and is also a proud student of our cleft school project.



Sainath from Kurnool was detected with facial cleft in his fifth month of foetal life (during his mother’s pregnancy). His parents got worried and started looking for ways to treat it at an earlier stage. They got to know from one of their relative about such kind of treatments done in GSR Hospital and asked them to visit the hospital and not to worry. As soon as Sainath was born, his parents brought him to Hyderabad at GSR Hospital where he received treatment at various stages and it was successfully completed. Now, Sainath is 18 years old, a very confident child studying in Std. 12 th and is preparing for engineering examination.



When Srikanth was born, his parents were unaware of his condition as well as the possible treatment options. They were referred to our hospital by their family doctor and after meeting our team they were relieved to see other babies with similar condition and it meant that they weren’t alone and there was a solution. Although they were hesitant to send their kid for playing with other children because of social stigma soon they realised that Srikanth is just like any other child and social distancing is not the solution. Now 18 years down the lane Srikanth is studying 12th class and is leading an absolutely normal life like his peers. Till now 4 surgeries were done which all showed satisfactory results. Srikanth believes his path in life has been quite clear, being born with the cleft lip and palate his parents were able to provide all the care he needed but there are many other children out there living with untreated cleft whom he wants to help in future.