Craniofacial Tumors

Tumors and cysts of craniofacial region have pretty high rate of occurrence in India. Most of the time these lesions are in dormant condition and take months to years to give any sign or symptom. These lesions require immediate attention and surgical treatment according to their histopathological appearance. At our center we have state of the art facilities from diagnosing, treatment and rehabilitation.


Pre Op Pre Op
Pre Op Pre Op
CT Scan PNS View CT Scan PNS View
3D Reconstruction CT Scan 3D Reconstruction CT Scan
Intra Operative Presentation Intra Operative Presentation
Tumor Resected Tumor Resected
Temporalis muscle harvested Temporalis muscle harvested
Tumor Space Filled Tumor Space Filled
Reconstruction Plate Fixed Reconstruction Plate Fixed
5 months Post Op 5 months Post Op

Osteo Sarcoma

Preop Preop
Preop Xray Preop Xray
Preop Preop
Intraop Intraop
Post op Post op